Self employed and don’t have it easy when you want to get a loan.
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Loan Easyoffers the best-in-class, high-quality and fully efficient loan services that makes getting a loan hassle-free and convenient. We show you how much loan you can borrow, and what are the criterion associated with each loan amount.

Our team is qualified in helping you get loans with great interest rates. We understand the market, and arrange for loans that match your requirements, and support your needs.

We conduct a thorough research of the current market situation, and sit down with you to understand what are your requirements, before suggesting the apt loan possibilities.

How we Help?

  • Research your Needs: We sit you to help us understand your requirements, and the possibilities that you are looking for. Our main aim is to help you get the best loan from the market, at best interest rates.
  • Documentation: We handle all the documentation, queries and other aspects. We do the work for you, so there is no hassle involved. From handling the loan paperwork to ensuring proper disbursement, we are by your side.
  • Loan Choices: We help with the loan choices, as the market is flooded with different loan types for the self financed. We make sure that we choose a loan that matches your amount requirements, as well as the interest and other criteria

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I need to be self employed to get loan?
    This largely varies from lender to lender. Most lenders require that you are self employed for at least a period of two years to be eligible for a loan. In some cases, the lenders also consider people who have been self employed for about a yearor even less.
  • Is a low doc home loan the only option I have?
    Well, that is not true. In fact, the banks and other lending institutions observe the self employed as equivalent to the employed people, and offer them same type of loans. The only difference in case of a self employed would be more paperwork, and a lot of eligibility criteria that they need to fit into.
  • How is my income calculated?
    The income calculation differs according to the requirement and the type of institution from where you are borrowing the money. In some cases, the income for the last two years will be taken into account while, for others the recent income and tax returns will be considered. We can assist by checkingyour requirements and eligibility criteria before filling your documentation.