Is it time to review your loan? Looking at options that are cheaper and in sync with your needs? Loan Easy offers you easy and hassle-free ways to refinance your home loan, and switch for a better option.

We take care of all aspects, starting with the options to analysing your existing loans and offering you the best solutions.

Benefits of Refinancing

  • Switching loans via refinancing can potentially reduce your interest rates and save more money
  • You get to revisit the type of loan you and ensure your loan productmatches your specific needs
  • Better loan features and greater accessibility of the money to spend in a way you want
  • You can use the saved money for better investments and manage funds and portfolio better

How we Help?

  • Quick Consultation: Our team offers a thorough consultation of all the possibilities and helps you choose the right loan type
  • Documentation & More: We take care of the entire paperwork ad other documentation related work
  • Approvals & Settlement: We help with issuing new loan contracts and ensure smooth and hassle-free settlements

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I refinance my loan?
    Most homeowners want to know if they should opt for refinancing or not. If you want to lower the mortgage payments by reducing the interest or, need to consolidate debts and explorecash out or equity release, then you may benefit from refinancing.
  • What happens in refinancing?
    The process is not as complicated as it sounds. You need to have a mortgage consultant with whom you can talk and who can walk you through the. You will need to hand in the right  mortgage documentation and ensure that a duly completed application is submitted. You will also need to get a complete valuation done of the property’s value to understand if the refinancing will work for you.
  • What costs are involved with refinancing?
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