Are you a medical professional looking for home loans?
Why not opt for our medico loans?

We offer high-quality and personalized loan services that are synced to your home loan requirements. We cater to all your requirements, and pay attention to the detail with a team that has expertise in these loans, and experience of handling medical clients.

We have a defined package for medical professionals, which helps them get home at an affordable interest rate. We also look for options which allow a good borrowing capacity with low deposits.

How we Help?

  • Different Packages: We have designated packages for medical professionals, which are tuned to their needs. our packages offer a competitive interest rate and also help improve repayments.
  • Consultation: Our experts offer quick consultations, which can help accurately match your loan needs to packages that are designed for you. We have been working towards  building unique and insightful packages for you.
  • Handling Paperwork: Right from handling documentation and paperwork to managing your portfolio and advising you on the right loan segments, we take care of everything. We also manage your investments and taxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the amount I can borrow?
    A medical professional can borrow more than general public can. The medico loans have been designed for such scenario. There are some obvious guidelines to borrowing, which makes it easier and hassle-free. In case you want to borrow 95% of the property amount and pay no LMI, then you need to follow a very strict guideline and eligibility criteria. The guidelines relax as the borrowing amount goes down.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for medico loans?
    All doctors are eligible for the medical loans. In some cases, you are also eligible for waiver of the LMI.
  • Are nurses eligible for these loans?
    There is a separate loan category for the nurses. This loan is not applicable or eligible for the nurses.