Need a simple yet efficient loan solution?
Your hassles are over if you opt for low doc loans.

It does not mean you are done with all the paperwork but, it certainly means that it is not as complicated and overwhelming as the other loan types.

The low doc loan, as the name suggests, requires minimal yet essential paperwork that helps get you a suitable loan. This is a good solution for the self employed people requiring loans with a flexible yet fast mortgage option.

The main advantage of the low doc home loan is the simplicity as well as less amount of work that requires to be done. If you lead a busy life, this is an excellent option, as you get the amount disbursed without much efforts.

You have a choice of documents that you need to submit for the loan. The cashout options are pretty flexible and you get 100% offset option with this loc doc loan.

How we Help?

  • Identifying the Lender: based on your needs, and the amount of documentation you have, we identify the lender that is most suited to you. We also put up a strong case on your behalf for quicker loan disbursement.
  • Supporting Documentation: We identify the document you require, and ensure that they are submitted while submitting for your loan. We make sure that all the documents that you don’t have are somehow managed or find alternatives for the same.
  • Specialized Advisors: We have advisors who are specialized with low doc loans, with whom you can talk and understand how to go for these loans. They will also walk you through the pros and cons associated with the loans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the qualification for a low doc loan?
    If you are self employed or have been in a business, then you are eligible for the low doc loan. You are also eligibile if you have a GST registered. If you are a ABN holder, then you are eligible for this loan.
  • How do you assess a low doc loan?
    The consistency of your application is taken into consideration when assessing. We also take into account how strongly you have put up your case. We take into consideration your credit history as well as other income proofs.