Planning to invest in a property and need a loan?
Loan Easy can help you in finding the right loan and interest rate for your next investment property!

Let’s introduce you to investment loans
If you want to invest in property from a money gaining perspective, then you should ideally apply for investment loans. They help you buy the property, and are slightly different from home loans. The reason being, the purpose of this loan is very different from home loans.

  • The eligibility criteria is slightly strict and requires a lot of paperwork
  • The loan-to-valuation ratio is high, as a result the investors need to pay out a larger amount as deposit
  • The interest rate is higher than what you have with normal home loans
    There are separate tax deductions that you can claim when filing your returns.
  • Investment loan interest amount
  • The real estate agent’s commission
  • Maintenance costs as well as council rates
  • Construction costs, because you are investing
  • Travel expenses

How we Help?

  • Consultation Services: We attempt to help you understand which loan best suits you. we also take you through the documentation, the eligibility and other aspects of getting an investment loan. We partner you for healthy services
  • Identify the Lenders: We understand that this type of loan is typically heavy for a bank, which is why we help find a lender who can afford this loan, and can lend you at a reasonable investment rates. We help research and find the right lender for your needs.
  • Industry Insights: We have gathered a good deal of insights into the lending industry, which we offer you. our experts connect with you to help you understand what is the right way to move ahead with property investments
  • Helpful Resources: We can provide helpful resources like free Property and Suburb Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do banks accept all types of property for investment loans?
    No, not all types of property are accepted by the. There are some certain set criteria, which house size, location, condition of the house, and a few other factors.
  • What to look when getting an investment loan?
    When you are planning on getting an investment loan, you should look for the following:
  • Security as well as guarantee requirements
  • Top up facility for the investment loan
  • Offset account as well as split loan option
  • Portability feature for better loan transfer.

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