Don’t have regular loan documents? Need more flexibility in getting a loan?
Here is an excellent option in the form of alt doc loans. They consider alternative approach to traditional form of loans and accessibility.

At Loan Easy, we specialize in alt doc loans. Our experts can guide you through the right lenders and assure complete procedures and processes are being followed to get the loan.

We also make sure you are aware if the loan works for you or not. From making you aware of the situation where these loans are applicable, to helping you understand whether you are eligible for the loan, we take care of everything.

With greater experience in these loans, our team can offer proper consultation, and even handle all your paperwork.

How We Help?

  • Hassle-free Documentation: the part of availing a loan that does not work for you involves documentation. You don’t really want to spend a lot of time into doing the paperwork and then filling the form. We make it completely hassle-free, as our team is involved in completing all aspects of documentation
  • Quick Consultation: If you are in doubt whether the alt doc loan is for you or not, then you can consult our team and avail quick service. We make sure that the loans are personalized for you, and help you understand how these loans can help you
  • Faster Processing: We make sure that the whole process from documentation to disbursement is smooth. We take into account everything that you need, so that there is no delay in processing the loan
  • Backend Support: Our team is always available to answer all your queries. We offer complete backend support to all the people registered with us, and ensure their queries are resolved immediately.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What factors are considered when checking eligibility for alt doc loans?
    It is recommended that the business should be ABN registered for at least 1 year and GST registered for a period of 6 months. The lenders will also consider the bank activity statements and bank account statements as docs before processing the loan.
  • How do banks consider income of the person?
    They will take into account a signed declaration of the income that you have submitted. Apart from this, they will also consider bank activity statements and tax returns of your business.
  • How important is my credit history in availing this loan?
    Just like any other loan, your credit history plays an important role in availing this loan. You should keep a check on your credit history before planning to avail the loan.